Glass Buildings: The Benefits of Having a Glass Facade

Most of the buildings these days are built with glass facades, and there are many good reasons for this. From consuming low energy to being more environmentally friendly, here are some of the reasons the glass facade is the most sought-after material for buildings these days.


Obviously, having a building with so many glass partitions, or even a glass rainscreen, means that the rooms inside will have abundant natural light. This means that the building won’t have to use as much electricity as those with concrete walls. As a result, you’re saving up on electricity, which is good because you’ll minimize your overhead costs.


When you save up on electricity, it also means that you’re helping the environment. When you use less electricity, your gas consumption will also be less and therefore, you’re contributing to the preservation of the environment. Excessive use of gas is one of the culprits in the destruction of our planet.


Having a building with a glass facade is also healthier because the people inside will get a higher dose of sunlight and therefore, more vitamin D. The benefits of vitamin D range from protection from cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis to better health of the nervous system and the immune system.


glass wall

Despite the material, glass walls on buildings are actually tougher than they look. They can face the harsh elements of nature, like strong winds, heavy rains and the glaring sun. The glass used in buildings is made specially to withstand nature’s onslaught, so they’re just as tough as concrete. The added advantage of this material is that it won’t corrode unlike steel or other metals.

Aesthetically pleasing

Another advantage of a glass facade is that it’s much more beautiful than concrete walls. Just try walking in Manhattan and stop yourself from staring at awe on any of the buildings there with a glass facade. It’s nearly impossible because they look beautiful.

More accommodating

Some would even say that buildings with a glass facade are not as imposing as buildings with concrete walls. When you look at a glass building, you get to see its innards right away, and it gives you the sense of someone inviting you in, especially when you see something interesting inside.

Think about it, when you were a child how many times have you pressed your face on a glass wall trying hard to see what’s on the other side? The psychological effect of glass buildings is beneficial to those who want outsiders to come into their buildings and see what’s inside.

That doesn’t happen too often with buildings made of concrete walls. These kinds of buildings tend to send a message to onlookers that they should stay away or that only certain people are welcomed into their inner circle.

Having a building with glass walls or a glass facade has several benefits that could help the owner of the building and the tenants. If you’re in the business of constructing buildings, take note of these advantages and apply them to your property. You’re sure to have a lot of happy tenants.