The benefits of braces

dental braces

We all want perfectly straight teeth and an aligned smile, but did you know there are also other health benefits to having straighter teeth? Sometimes those patients who have crooked teeth struggle to clean them properly, and this, in turn, can lead to problems with tooth decay and gum disease.  Great oral health starts with brushing teeth twice and day and flossing them in between, which helps to reduce the build-up of plaque and bacteria. But when your teeth are overlapping, it can be a struggle to get to spaces between each tooth to clean appropriately.

But if you are one of those unlucky people with severely misaligned teeth, where do you start when researching which types of treatment are the best for you?

Just what are the options for straightening my teeth?

A fine set of straight teeth can be a real confidence boost, so it must follow that choosing the best option for you and the best dental practice to get them from, is of the utmost importance.

Modern dental technology treatments, for example, an alternative such as lingual braces, are a contemporary solution and different to the normal front of teeth braces. Lingual braces move to fit the teeth and align over time, this can be anything from 12 to 18 months.  Clear ceramic braces are also very popular as they are virtually invisible to those who are talking to you in social settings.

Oral hygiene…a must!

oral hygiene essentials

A good oral hygiene regime is a necessity when you have had braces fitted, as it can be hard to keep your mouth and teeth bacteria free, you should aim to brush gently, but also thoroughly!  Lingual braces offer an easy solution when cleaning because they are positioned in such a way as to make life easier when keeping teeth stain free when brushing.

Don’t be nervous!

Don’t be scared!  Dental teams are trained to make the teeth aligning process as easy, safe and stress-free as possible.  Any teeth straightening procedure will be practised by a dentist who has had many years of training and experience in this treatment.  If you are worried about having this procedure done, talk to your dental professional and share all your fears before the procedure, so they are aware of how you are feeling.

And try to enjoy your time at the clinic, by falling into easy conversation with the receptionist and other staff, this will make you feel less isolated and much more at ease.

No more wonky smiles for you!!

So now it is time to banish those protruding teeth full of cavities, which are hiding food and bacteria, and say hello to your new smile!  In this image-conscious society, it is sad to be embarrassed of how your teeth look and quite honestly, there is no need to be. With today’s dental treatments getting more advanced and with so many options, there will always be a way to treat any dental problem out there, yours included!

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