The Modern Construction Marvel That is Aluminum

One of the most recyclable and sustainable materials on the planet is a favorable option for fabricators of estate gates and fencing. Aluminum is used in many things – from digital devices to skyscrapers and satellites in space. It is one of the most versatile construction materials in the world.

We have been enjoying its benefits in many aspects of our lives for more than a hundred years.

How it’s made: Aluminum

Aluminum by itself is soft and pliable. For building high-rises, aircraft and fences it is not used in its pure form – extracted from bauxite, its principal ore. One tone of aluminum can be obtained from two tons of bauxite.

As mentioned, aluminum is 100% recyclable, and no matter how many times it is processed to create new items, it still retains its original properties as a metal. While maintaining its durability and lightweight qualities, aluminum has to be combined with other materials for strength.

If you want a material that can be shaped for use as food packaging, you combine aluminum with magnesium. If you want something that is strong enough to be part of a car engine, then aluminum is combined with copper.

Alloys are metals usually composed of two metals mixed together to maximize their qualities and create a new material to serve a purpose. Many different metals can be combined with aluminum. In other cases, aluminum is used as a component of a composite material.

In this combination, each component retains its chemical identity and acts to support or complement the other materials.

Why aluminum is a good construction material

aluminum cylinders

There is no better material than aluminum alloy when the requirement for a building project is something that has low weight and high strength. Any project that needs something durable and reliable and has reduced load capacity is served best with aluminum.

When exposed to air, a protective oxide protects aluminum from corrosion, and anodizing strengthens the protective layer. Because aluminum is flexible, it can be melted and formed into various shapes. A skilled worker can fabricate aluminum into any shape imaginable, and its final form, the shape can last for generations.

The best option for customized fabrication

When building structures exposed to the elements such as fences and skyscrapers, it is economical and practical to use a material that is affordable and versatile, and requires little to no maintenance. Aluminum trumps other equally admirable metals in all these parameters.

In addition, the material should be easy to install. If the task requires time and specialized skill the cost of installation escalates. Aluminum is adaptable and is easy to install in various settings and climate conditions. Lastly, materials made from aluminum can be conformed to fulfilling local building codes.

Aluminum touches the lives of everyone in the civilized world. Without it, we would not be enjoying the many comforts of daily life. Aluminum is a naturally occurring mineral that can be used in its pure form or combined with other metals for various building and manufacturing specifications. It is abundant, affordable, adaptable and reliable.