An ATV Tour of Zion Park Offers a Different Perspective

Zion National Park in Springdale is one of the most popular and often visited parts on this side of the USA. Hotels and restaurants abound to cater to the needs of tourists. The breathtaking red-rock desert, as well as the high-altitude forests, are just two reasons why 4.5 million guests come to see the park each year. The park is a haven for hikers, backpackers, and rock climbers.

Here’s the thing: Zion National Park is 146,697 acres big, and more than 80 percent of the park is untamed wilderness. The best way to see Zion is hiking, and what an adventure that is! Named after the Old Testament name of the city of Jerusalem, touring Zion on foot is not for the faint-hearted. It’s hiking trails are known to be challenging. Along the way, you’ll get to see more than 800 species of native plants, animals, and everything else that nature has to offer.

But what about those who can’t hike?

Not everyone has the stamina or the willingness to hike, so Zion park tours have been organized to give guests a chance to see this well-loved attraction from a different perspective.

Besides driving in a van or car, guests have the option to take a tour on an all-terrain vehicle (ARV) or a utility vehicle (UTV). This saves time and energy while offering a brand new experience to park guests. UTVs are great for touring a group across the park. The pace here can be slow and relaxed, giving guests time to look at the different sights and listen to bits of the information offered by the park tour guides.

Those who like a ride to the wild side can have their fill by opting for an ATV ride. You can zip through the canyons at high speeds, being in control of the vehicle at all times.

Driving the ATV by yourself means you can take more time to explore roads running along Zion Canyon or feel the rush of driving through the 10-mile highway from Zion leading to Mount Carmel. This path treats visitors to panoramic views and amazing waterfalls.

You can also spend more time taking pictures of Weeping Rock’s famous hanging gardens where the plants and flowers grow at the side of a steep, cliff wall. Absolutely breathtaking!

Travel by air

Couple riding an ATV

The sheer size of Zion National Park means guests won’t be able to explore everything in a day. For a bird’s eye view of the red-rock desert, canyons, mesas, and pools, you can arrange for a helicopter tour. Of course, this will be on the pricier side, but if you want a whole new level of adventure – this is it!

You can end your tour with a close-up view of Zion National Park’s famous sunset and have hundreds of photographs to look back on. Trekking and hiking at Zion are in the bucket list of most adventure lovers and thrill seekers. The good thing about it is you can explore this natural wonder in more ways than one!