Savor and Enjoy: Pointers for Food Tasting for Your Event

Organizing an event is not as easy as anyone would like to think. There are a lot of things involved, and it is essential that each activity you undertake is for the sake of the enjoyment of the guests. Your decorations should be eye-catching, the seats should be comfortable, car park must be accessible, and the entertainment should be more than superb. But, if you really want the event to be truly memorable for the good reasons, you should see to it that the food is mouthwatering and delectable. You know you just cannot pick the food off the caterer’s menu. You need to check and taste them carefully to see to it that you have better odds of having dishes liked by the guests.

Organizing a food tasting session with your possible caterer is of utmost importance. This is necessary for gauging the capability of the caterer and the range of offerings that they have. Food tasting is not just about enjoying and taking advantage of the dishes served by the caterer. You should take notes so that you will have better judgment.

Pay attention

The worst mistake that you may commit may be picking the wrong food because you have not paid enough attention. Remember, you are at a food tasting session because you are finding out which dishes may work for your event. Do not just eat for pleasure or enjoyment. Eat mindfully. In this context, this means paying attention to the details of the dish, from the texture to the smell and the taste.

Do not discount or take for granted every dish — whether it is a Melbourne canapé or a dessert. You have to painstakingly look into the dish that the caterer may serve. While you are eating, you should ask the caterer questions. Also, it would help if you would bring other event organisers so that you could come up with a sounder decision.

Take pictures if possible

You may already know the taste, but are you sold with the looks? Oftentimes, clients like you are given time to decide which dish to serve. While you are at a tasting event, you may want to take some pictures that you can refer to when you are about to make a decision. Do not just take photos just for the sake of it. You should find the right angles and lighting, so you will be able to appreciate the look better.

Explore nonconventional options

Friends trying asian food

Sometimes, event organisers are stuck with conventions. But this time, you have the opportunity to think outside the box. You may try other dishes that are not normally served in events (but do not go too far or exotic!). For instance, a few portions of your menu can be dedicated to vegan meals. This will work, especially if you know that there are a lot of vegan attendees coming.

Food is central to any event — whether you are planning a corporate event or even a wedding. Your goal is to please your guests, so you have to make sure that the food you will serve will make them more than happy. Follow the pointers above for a more efficient and effective way of gauging which food to serve your guests.