How Expensive Is It to Build a Double Carport in Brisbane?

Double carports in Brisbane may range from $1,400 to $6,000 on average depending on the cost of labour, materials and the homeowner’s preference for custom work.

Some of your options for the low-end price include kits for galvanised steel double carports. The amount will significantly increase when you choose to install a custom-built, Colorbond steel double carport. A typical installation with a skillion roof costs $4,000. If you choose the same structure but with a gabled roof, the price may reach more than $6,000. You should expect to pay a similar price for building a custom-built aluminium carport.

Breakdown of Installation Expenses

While a double carport costs less than building a garage, you can easily overspend if you don’t create a list of all installation expenses. A stand-alone double carport will be the best option for those with a small budget. The usual size measures around 6m x 6m or 36 square metres. Double carports attached to houses may require concrete slabs, hence increasing the overall price.

Concrete slabs become necessary to support the weight of your cars and avoid a sinking foundation. The exact measurements for thickness will vary based on your property’s structural slope, but it needs to be thicker than slabs used for driveways. A basic concrete slab costs from $60 and $85 per square metre, while thicker ones may cost between $2,300 and $3,000. You also need to account for any excavation work if necessary.

Other Factors That Affect Pricing

Carports with electrical fixtures, such as light bulbs or automatic lighting, will need to spend at least $60 per hour to hire an electrician. It can be less expensive to install lighting if the carport is attached to your house. A contractor may only need to install new wires and outlets. By contrast, stand-alone carports may require an electrical installation from scratch.

Another way to determine the overall expenses in Brisbane requires you to visit the local council office. You also need to consult them about certain permits and pay necessary fees, which can cost up to $500 in some places.

What Are the Advantages?

Friends having fun grilling meat

All the associated costs and procedures likely caused you to wonder about the true advantages of having a carport. Do you always need extra space when hosting weekend barbeques? Carports can double as outdoor rooms for welcoming guests. Some people spend a bit more on carports to create a functional space aside from just storing vehicles.

On days when you don’t have visitors, you can use the extra space as storage units. Homeowners who also plan to sell their houses in the future can expect a higher resale value after building a carport.


Installation for double carports in Brisbane requires the experience and skill of a home improvement expert. Despite the higher cost of labour, most licensed professionals provide a service guarantee for workmanship. Consider hiring insured contractors as well for your own protection. If possible, ask for written quotes from as many home builders as possible to compare the best rates in Brisbane.