Ideas for Cooking the Creamiest Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is currently one of the best choices for comfort food. It has unfortunately gotten one of the worst raps recently as unhealthy food. Making your own mac and cheese at home rather than reaching for that boxed or canned mac and cheese might assure you one of the best health benefits. Making your mac and cheese with low fat rather than whole milk and whole wheat noodles can also add to its health benefits.

You should also get the cheese for your dish from the best cheese shops in Wisconsin to ensure that your mac and cheese boosts the taste and health benefits of your dish. Although you might aim for the creamiest mac and cheese possible, making this is not always possible. There is, however, no reason for you to endure gummy, chalky, and dry mac and cheese because you do not consider yourself a gourmet chef. Here are some tips for making the creamiest mac and cheese:

Add More Salt

Most people will add pasta to the cold water they put to boil since they believe this will lower its boiling point and hasten cooking. For the creamiest mac and cheese, however, you should add the salt when your water comes to a boil rather than when it is cold. You can a tablespoon of salt for every two quarts of water. The salt in your dish will flavor your pasta and make it firm, thus enabling it to hold your cheese better and generate a creamy dish.

Pick the Cheese Carefully

eating cheese

People assume that any cheese will suffice for their mac and cheese. While this might be correct to some extent, you need to be discerning if you are aiming for the creamiest dish possible. Parmesan cheese will, for instance, not melt as perfectly as cheddar cheese and will thus decrease the creaminess of your dish. Cottage cheese is also an ideal addition since it makes your sauce extra cheesy and creamy without complicating its overall flavor.

Cook the Noodles in Milk

You need not stick to macaroni every time just because of the technical name of your dish. Noodles are an ideal alternative since they hold considerable amounts of sauce. Most people cook their noodles in water. For those that want creamy mac and cheese, the best choice is to cook them in milk. This makes your sauce creamy way before the addition of your cheese sauce. The starch in your noodles will be released and thicken your sauce from the get-go, thus boosting the creamy nature of your dish.

Stick to the Stovetop

People typically bake their mac and cheese. This option, however, gives the dish more of a casserole rather than a creamy consistency. To avert this, cook your dish entirely on the stovetop so that the sauce has minimal risk of getting too clumpy and thick. This creates a silky and creamy dish.

With these tips, your mac and cheese will be something everyone will savor. Your crucial ingredient is the best cheese possible on the market. Settle for a manufacturer that understands how to produce the optimal cheese variety and can guarantee the freshest products.