Ways to Go on a New Zealand Wilderness Adventure on a budget

New Zealand forest stream

New Zealand has a lot to offer to people who love travelling and are adventurers at heart. From the beautiful beaches of Auckland where you can either challenge yourself on the tallest surfs or relax by the calming lagoons to the mountains of Tongariro National Park where you can climb the ragged cliffs, there is something for every taste. There are unusual natural formations everywhere, which invoke the urge to go and explore. We are often put off from following our wilderness dreams for fear of high costs associated with travel. But it doesn’t always have to be so. It is entirely possible to achieve this dream without going over your budget.

Picking the best routes

It is a lucky coincidence that some of New Zealand’s most beautiful places are also the cheapest. Places such as Hamilton, just a two-hour drive from Auckland, has some of the best surf spots in the country. Christchurch is also within driving distance of awe-inducing wilderness getaways for a low cost of living. Rotorua, with its thermal springs and natural rock formations, has very cheap gas and lodging for people who are just driving through. To explore the country at your own pace, it is a good idea to rent a caravan or camper van. There are also used pick-up trucks for sale that you can buy for a low price. They will give you access to some of the more remote outposts and off-beat trails. These will give you the freedom to explore and also good resale value.

Building a network

Friends in a camping tripUsually, people stay at hotels or hostels while travelling as they are the most convenient. But if you are on a budget, there are even better options such as reaching out to an existing network of friends and fellow travellers. People are often more than happy to host someone for a couple of days. You can also make “trail friends,” people you meet on the trail and connect with based on a mutual love of exploration. Trail friends go a long way in hosting, sharing tents, and giving great advice. At the very least, they provide interesting company during long stretches of hiking.

Make use of technology

Nowadays, there are lots of apps and websites where you can sign up to meet hosts. These are quite well-known and safe. Hosts and guests have to verify themselves before they can have people over. There are also websites that help you find shared rides or show you available tents in an area that you can rent for a small fee or stay overnight. Some apps even allow you to borrow someone else’s car at a daily rate, which will give you access to a wide range of vehicles, both off-road vehicles and sedans.

New Zealand’s natural beauty is still untouched in many places, which leaves a great opportunity for people with a passion for travelling to feel like they are in virgin territory. With careful planning, it doesn’t even have to be an expensive experience.