Clever Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Tiny Bathrooms

Cramped, small spaces could drive most homeowners crazy. This is especially true if you have a huge family and require pipes in a tiny bathroom, laundry or kitchen for running toilets, washing machine, or sinks.

But before calling a remodeling specialist and local plumber here in Millcreek, Utah, learn about ideas you can use for freeing up space for fixtures and features in your bathroom that require plumbing.

Rethink Your Toilet

Consider slimming down or removing fixtures that you feel are bulky and eat up substantial space. For instance, wall-hung toilet coupled with a hidden tank will save significant space in a tiny bathroom. All you’ll see are the bowl and buttons and the toilet tank on the wall.

It is important to note however that hidden tanks could pose a plumbing access issue later on and that over time the tank would require maintenance. But if space is really an issue, concealing the tank this way will give you more counter and floor space and streamline the look of your bathroom.

You can likewise connect sink wastewater to your toilet tank with this design approach.

Opt for Compact Fixtures

Think how much space a faucet mounted on the side that combines cold and taps in one would save. Do check the swing direction of the handle though as this might negate the space you’re trying to save. You can likewise consider wall-mounted mixers with a basin that you can push back.

You can also install your showerhead directly on the ceiling for more overhead space.

You Don’t Necessarily Have to Choose Between a Shower and a Bath

Some bathrooms have a separate shower and bath, but if space is a problem, you can do away with a bulky tub or combine the shower and tub to save space. There are inset bath designs that are narrow to give you space even with a full shower and tub combo.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, you can also opt for the back-to-wall design approach. It’s similar to the freestanding bath on one side that faces an open bathroom but fits neatly against a wall for easier cleaning.

Maximize the Space

bathroom with glass divider

If the bathroom door swings inside instead of outside, change the orientation or opt for a pocket or sliding door. This applies to medicine cabinets that you can even recess into a wall, vanity units, and shower doors.

If you find you have maximized all the available space in your bathroom but want it to feel even bigger, redo the lighting. Aside from optimizing natural light streaming from windows, make sure you have good overhead lighting.

You can opt for translucent windows or skylights if you don’t have space for a bigger window. Use mirrors strategically to create the illusion of more space and bounce light around your bathroom.

Whether your house lacks space or has tiny rooms, maximizing available space with planning and space-saving elements is vital to gain more space. Make sure to work with professionals even if you’re confident about your DIY skills or you might end up spending more money than if you had worked with professionals in the first place.