Why You Should Hold Your Meetings Outside the Office

people working together

Do we have the wrong perceptions of office meetings? When we think about stuffy boardrooms and boring wallpaper décor, are we wrong? Or worse, are we right? Are we correct in thinking that office meetings are boring, uninteresting, and energy suckers? Employees feel trapped during a meeting. It’s basically like getting called in front of the class and presenting a report you haven’t done yet. What can be more stress-inducing than that?

Why don’t you find a way to make your office meetings interesting? For example, you can rent a meeting room in a Seattle hotel. A nice change of view is all your employees need to get their creative juices flowing.

Fewer Interruptions

When you’re in the office, your employees will be tempted to check on their staff and any ongoing projects they are currently developing. They’ll stand up and move around to see if the team is doing their tasks. The meeting will most likely be interrupted by calls and unexpected visitors. Some employees may walk into the room to offer their unsolicited suggestions and comments. You can do more when you meet outside the office. Not only will there be fewer interruptions and distractions, but you’ll also focus more on fulfilling the goals of the meeting.

Better Communication

There is an invisible gap between the boss and the employees in an office setting. The boss’ office is set apart by floor-to-ceiling glasses. The door is closed. The blinds are shut. There’s a feeling of authority, which is needed in an office environment.

But this authority also hinders the communication between top management and employees. When you hold meetings outside the office, your employees have an easier time communicating their ideas with you. They feel more relaxed as though the stuffiness of the office is suddenly gone.

Mezzanine at an office space

Improved Logistics

It makes sense to hold a meeting at a restaurant or even in a coworking space instead of dragging chairs to the boss’ office. A conference room can hold more people. It has better amenities and facilities, too.

If you have to meet with other stakeholders, a conference room in a hotel will have ample parking space for all your guests. They can serve refreshments, too. They offer sufficient technological support such as overhead projectors, computers, speakers, and podiums.

The Need to Recharge

Don’t you sometimes feel that you need to regroup and recharge? Do you feel the need to walk in the park in the middle of your official working hours? Your employees feel the same, too. They need to recharge.

A short walk to a hotel conference room is an instant mood booster. You’ll get their creative juices flowing by simply allowing them to spend a 10-minute walk from the office to the meeting place. By the time they arrive at the hotel, they feel more confident about their ideas.

Finally, taking your team out for a lunch or dinner meeting feels like a reward. It’s a recognition of the work they do for you. It shows that you appreciate them enough to spend money on food and a better meeting room. And who doesn’t like feeling appreciated? They’ll be more motivated, and they’ll work harder for you.