Key Safety Features of Garage Door Openers

Most garage doors are made of metal or wood and, at times, both of these materials. The average door will weight not less than 130 pounds while the massive ones used in commercial buildings at times weigh 400 pounds. The weight will prove hard for an intruder to breach and gain entry into your interiors. It will, however, also prove quite fatal when the door crushes something under this weight.

The frequent accidents related to garage doors often occur during their opening and closing. Garage door repair spring replacement for your Mareeba property will undoubtedly prove essential for the safety of your door’s opening and closing. Malfunctioning springs will ordinarily detach and release the door that might send it crashing down on objects in its way. Other than maintaining and replacing your door springs, if need be, you should invest in a few safety features for the door opener. Here are some that you should consider for your property.


This stops your door if it gets some resistance when closing. With this alternative, your garage door opener will be equipped with sensors that detect anything in its trajectory. When it picks objects in its way, the door automatically rolls open. Most legislations require this feature as entrapment protection. To test if your auto-reverse feature is working, you can place a block in its way when closing to see if it will roll back up.

Motion Detection

Most people consider this a convenient feature, but it also plays a part in your property’s safety. With motion detection, your door opener will trigger the opening of your garage door when there is motion around it. The door will remain open for 4-5 minutes or even less depending on its programming. This means you need not alight to always open the door when driving in an out of the garage, which would compromise your safety. Some motion detectors also automatically light your garage when triggered. This might deter an intruder if he/she comes close to it.

Manual Control

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Automatic door openers might not work in cases of power outages. With the manual control, you will bypass the automatic opening and manually open and close your door. You will only need to override the electronic system for your door’s opening then lift the door off its tracks. When your power comes back on, you re-activate the automated system. This guarantees you are not trapped inside or outside your garage in a power outage.


This feature in your opener ensures that your garage door’s weight is evenly distributed on its springs. An imbalanced garage door will place too much pressure on one side of your springs or cables and cause the lopsided operation of your garage doors. All these issues affect the safety of your door since they increase the odds of the door crashing something in its path.

With the above safety elements, you can confidently use your garage door. Even so, remember the features should be periodically tested to guarantee they are working optimally. Most manufacturers also have recommended intervals for the professional maintenance of these features.