4 Reasons Garage Doors Won’t Open

Studies reveal that close to 65 percent of homeowners locally enter and exit their homes via the garage. The garage is among the most used rooms in most homes. As such, it ought to be in perfect condition so that it does not only make your home entry and exit easy but it also protects your assets. You need to ensure that your garage door is fully functional by maintaining and repairing it often. Besides, a broken garage door is a big deal for most homeowners.

The last thing you want to deal with after a long day from work is a garage door that won’t open. Garage doors are susceptible to faults because they are the most frequently used doors in most homes. One of the most frustrating garage door problems is a door that fails to open. The problem can be a result of several reasons, and it is wise to know the causes so that you know how to handle the problem.

Remote control malfunction

Several people have, at some point, had to deal with a garage door that fails to open. The funny bit is that sometimes when faced with this challenge, most people think that they have such a huge problem. The issue could be a problem with their garage door remote. The remote batteries might have expired if your garage door fails to open or close but doesn’t make any weird sounds. Additionally, you can try to program the remote. If that doesn’t work, you can consider calling in an expert in garage door repair in Salk Lake City to check the door.

Misaligned, blocked, or dirty photo-eye

The other common reason why your garage door does not close all the way is a blocked photo-eye. Most garage doors that were manufactured and installed in the early 90s had a photo-eye as a safety feature. The feature comprises of two pieces that support the two sides of the garage door. Obstructions usually cause the problem of a blocked photo-eye. You should call a repair expert to remove the obstruction or align the eyes if they are misaligned.

Disrupted power source

maintenance personnel fixing garage door

Sometimes the reason why your garage door is not opening or closing is an interrupted power source. You may have forgotten that you unplugged the power source of the operator. You should first check the power outlet before you call a technician.

Broken springs

Another reason garage doors fail to open is broken springs. If your door springs brake, you should not try to open the garage door because you put yourself at the risk of sustaining injuries. You will hear a loud noise if you are at home when the garage door springs brake. You should call a garage door repair company to replace the springs once this happens.

Everyone hopes that their garage doors will last for a long time. However, they break down often due to wear and tear. Fortunately, these causes will give you an idea of why your garage door is not opening.