Here’s What You Should Do After Getting a Tooth Extraction

tweezers holding a tooth

For most people, going to the dentist is not exactly a pleasurable experience. The moment you hear that whirring sound, you already know that you will be experiencing some type of pain in a moment and even for a couple more hours.

Getting your tooth extracted is not exciting either. However, it sometimes cannot be helped, especially if you have been dealing with a toothache and some cavities before. Below, we will give a few things you should always remember after getting your tooth extracted by a dentist from Townsville, QLD.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

You definitely would feel a little doozy and weak after a tooth extraction, so you should take some rest and avoid doing strenuous activities for at least the next 24 hours. Avoid going to the gym, carrying heavy stuff, or doing any other activity that can make you feel a lot more tired. You can go back to your usual routine right after the 24 hours has passed, but make sure to take your time to rest if you feel like you need to.

Do Not Rinse or Spit

You might feel tempted to rinse or gargle a couple of times after getting tooth extraction, but you should avoid doing so. The area where the extraction was done is most likely still clotting and gargling or rinsing can only dislodge the clot. This might affect the healing time, which you definitely would not want. Spitting a lot also creates pressure inside your mouth, so avoid doing so at all costs while the area is healing.

Steer Clear of Cigarettes

By now, you most probably know that smoking is ultimately bad for your health. Smoking is extremely harmful to newly-extracted teeth, as it can introduce bacteria to the wound. Also, smoking has the same pressure as when you are using a straw, and this pressure can make the blood clot or even make your wound open up again. Avoid smoking for the next couple of days and until your wound has completely healed.

Take Your Medicine

Man hand taking medicine

Your dentist will most likely give you medicine to make the pain and pressure go away. If you want to lessen the pain that you will be experiencing, make sure to get all of the medicines your dentist has prescribed. Pain relievers are usually the most common ones they will prescribe, as these will help reduce the inflammation and pain you would be experiencing.

Elevate your Head and Use a Cold Compress

Your wound will actively bleed for a couple more hours after the extraction, which is why you should make sure to elevate your head when you sleep. This will help the blood from pooling into your head, which can prolong the healing time. You should also use an ice pack or cold compress to minimize the pain. Simply put it over the affected area for about 10 to 20 minutes to alleviate the pain.

Always listen to your dentist and follow the aftercare tips that they will be discussing with you.