Warm and Cozy: Create a Living Room Focal Point Even Without a Fireplace

For many homeowners, their image of an ideal living room consists of a huge fireplace where everyone can just gather around and enjoy the warmth while sipping coffee or hot chocolate. However, not every home is blessed to have one. There are certain factors that may not allow you to have one built in your home, such as the climate in your region, the size of your home, and the less traditional look of your space. It might be a design disadvantage, however, especially when you’re choosing a focal point. But even if you can’t have one, you can still make your room stand out. Here are other parts of your living room that can work as a focal point just as good as a fireplace:

Consider Your Large Windows and Outdoor Views

Are you blessed with breathtaking views of the outdoors? You can turn it into an interesting focal point. Window companies in Kansas City and other metropolitan areas can help you build a large enough window that will allow you to enjoy the look of your outdoors from inside your living room.

You and your guests’ eyes will automatically be drawn to these sprawling views no matter how many items you have in your space. Even if you don’t have these views yet, you can do a fun weekend project in your garden and turn it into a bonding activity with the rest of the family.

Put the Spotlight on Your TV

If you don’t have a fireplace in your living room, there is one advantage you can actually enjoy. Many homeowners who do own a fireplace find it difficult to look for a space for their huge TVs. TVs and fireplaces are huge items in a living room, and having both can be very distracting as they compete for attention. Many choose to mount their TV on top of their fireplace, but this isn’t exactly a safe or practical choice.

For one, it can cause huge damage to your TV and if you’re not careful enough, it might turn into a bigger problem. Without a fireplace, your TV will automatically be your living room’s focal point. That’s one less issue to worry about when decorating.

Choose a Statement Furniture

Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior in New Luxury Home with Fireplace, Couches, Chairs, and Television
Large-scale pieces of furniture can be big additions to your available space. Fireplaces require remodeling and a lot of upkeep to stay in good condition. But a huge, eye-catching statement furniture piece is easier to change and rearrange should you choose to do some upgrades in your living room setup after some time. If you don’t want your TV to serve as your living room’s focal point, a glass door bookcase may work.

With this, you won’t have to worry about constant dusting. Arrange all your books neatly and add some stylized shelves to get that cozy library feel. If you don’t have enough space, you can make a big message board on your wall instead for that added vertical presence. Finally, to truly create that warm and cozy feel in your living room, add some interesting details such as a mug of coffee, throw pillows, and some blankets.