Solar Power Works Only if You Do It on Your Own

solar power

Electricity costs in Kansas are steadily rising. The state and power corporations are implementing several solar power projects, but these will only increase the value of electricity. Solar powered electricity from corporations will never be free. If you want free electricity, you need to go solar on your own.

Corporate Solar Power — No Thanks!

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’re not alone. According to the Kansas City Compass permitting system, solar power permits are in-demand — with applications doubling compared to the previous year. While the state is expanding the use of solar power, in the hands of corporations, you’ll still be charged a significant amount. Clean, renewable energy is good for the environment, but any change to the status quo will have corporations spending money to adopt new technology, and their expenses will inevitably get passed to the consumers. Solar power only works on an individual/residential level; you install solar panels in your house, you get free electricity. Of course, you’ll still be connected to the grid so you’ll still have power when the sun goes down.

Powering Your House with the Sun

solar power

A 6kW solar power system should be enough to fulfill the needs of your household. These systems can cost around $14,000-$20,000, but with the 30 percent federal rebate, the prices go down to $10,000-$14,000. Kansas has excellent net metering laws, allowing you to offset the power you draw from the grid at night with the energy you generate during the day. If your solar panels produce enough power, your electricity bills can go down to zero. You can use the money you usually pay for electricity to cover your monthly payments to your solar panels. After 10 years (or less if you paid a significant down payment), you get to enjoy free electricity. Solar panels will usually last for 30 years before losing significant efficiency, so you’ll still have 20 years of free power.

Power Production and Energy Consumption

If you’re still getting a few dollars on your electric bill after you go solar, it might be a problem with consumption and not production. You can fix this by improving the energy efficiency of your house. Get proper insulation. Maintaining your desired temperatures in your home can consume a lot of electricity, and a lot of that electricity is wasted if cold or heat from outside enters your house. Insulation contractors can make sure that your home is sealed from the outside, and this can cut your energy consumption by 30 percent. Make sure your refrigerators and air conditioners use inverter technology. This makes them more energy efficient and can reduce your consumption by another 30 percent. These two measures should be enough to keep your consumption within the range of your 6kW system.

Electricity from the sun can be free but not through government and corporations. These two institutions want your money and to them, there’s no such thing as free. Solar power can give you free electricity, but you need to take the initiative and do it on your own.