Why Delivery Trucks Still Have a Purpose

Our world today places paramount importance on speed and efficiency when it comes to doing business and handling transactions. This is especially evident when it comes to transportation and logistics, where we always prefer the faster, cheaper, and more reliable option, whether it involves getting ourselves from one point to another, or getting something to reach us from another point.

However, one strong counterpoint to this is that delivery trucks still hold a lot of business, despite the faster and cheaper option of cargo transport by rail. In fact, many governments have called for stronger investments in rail transport as they are also more environmentally friendly compared with trucks.

Furthermore, trains travel much faster than trucks and are capable of getting cargo across large distances in short amounts of time. This is despite the innovations that have allowed trucks to become more efficient than in the past, such as the development of loading and unloading systems such as truck skate and track and improvements to their engines.

Still, the trucking industry survives, and — in fact — serves a purpose that does not go against what rail transport offers, but rather complements it. Here are what delivery trucks still have to offer us that proves they remain valuable to this day.

Small volumes to small towns

Rail is definitely the preferred mode of transport when you are dealing with goods traveling over large distances and between large cities that have train stations. However, there are still many small towns, not on a rail network where goods might have to be delivered to. In these cases, delivery by truck is the only option.

Moreover, if the distance from the origin to the destination is not too great, such as if deliveries were happening in the same city, truck deliveries would be more efficient. Truck deliveries are also more economical when the volume to be transported is not that large.

Transport by rail requires a large amount of cargo in order for the cost of using a train to be worth it. If the cargo is small enough to fit in a truck, this will end up costing much less and saving all parties a great deal.

Party for one

Small businesses and individuals who need to have goods transported cannot hire a trainer to do so for them; hence, they would need to rely on delivery trucks. Some prime examples for this would be a person moving to a different home, or a small company that wishes to relocate its operations.

Similarly, the volume of things to be transported is not large enough to warrant transport by train, and it would end up costing them much more.

On short notice


Trucks are much more flexible with regards to scheduling compared with trains. This is largely because of trains transport cargo for multiple firms, hence the need to keep to a fixed schedule.

Thus, if an emergency or rush order comes up and you need something delivered on short notice, chances are you would have to call a delivery truck for the job.

The trucking industry has come a long way since the days of dirty, smoke-belching vehicles that could never seem to move fast. Innovation has not only increased the quality of the truck itself, but also the services that trucking companies provide.

Many have systems to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination as quickly as possible while being kept safe along the way. Because of the things they can do that rail still cannot, delivery trucks still have a place in the future.