Aquatic Activities to Do in Summer

From its astonishing historic homes to its bustling restaurants, pubs, and stores, you would never run out of reasons to embark on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The quaint streets are lined with old Southern homes and churches that show how the city has been beautifully preserved since its establishment in 1670. Otherwise known as the Holy City, Charleston is the haven for travelers who want to explore a place that emanates historical charm and modernity at the same time.

Notwithstanding, Charleston’s appeal is not restricted to the city limits. Situated on the Atlantic coast, adding to its charm is the pristine beaches. From relaxing cruises to adrenaline-fueled aquatic activities, you can assure that your journey to this diverse city will not go mundane.


Along with its rich history comes a plethora of haunted tales from the past, which have spurred the soaring popularity of ghost tours. Thrill-seekers in Charleston who have a penchant for the paranormal should take one of these tours. However, there are haunted sites that cannot be accessed on foot, thus making a haunted ghost cruise of Charleston Harbor the best option.

While cruising along the harbor, you can marvel over the forts, houses, and ships that hold the city’s most profound spine-chilling stories of lost fortunes, pirate ships, and tragic death. With an experienced tour guide telling the spooky stories and the cool ocean breeze that can send chills down your spine, it is an exciting alternative to traditional walking ghost tours.


If you opt for a relaxing tour spared from the hair-raising stories of the unknown, a sunset cruise will relieve you from stress. The sun dipping below the horizon, outlining the steeples and buildings of the city, will give you a picturesque backdrop for a romantic dinner cruise with your significant other.


boat tour

Travel is incomplete without a touch of nature. On a nature boat tour, you get to explore the vast coastal wildlife of Charleston with a certified naturalist. As you land on the astounding uninhabited islands, you can catch sight of dolphins and numerous species of shorebirds in their natural habitat.


It is windy in Charleston all year round, making it the perfect spot for kiteboarding. Although the spring months of March to May bring the ideal conditions for kiteboarding, you can still take advantage of the lighter winds in the summer months. If you are new to the sport, you can start with a trainer kite to get the feel of the maneuvers.


Intrepid travelers would not miss surfing through the waves during their summer getaway. Although you cannot catch gigantic rogue waves at Folly Beach, it is still a popular surfing destination, especially among novice surfers.


If you are seeking a new water sport, flyboarding can give you the most thrilling experience. The Flyboard or the water jet-pack hurls a high volume of water from two nozzles, allowing you to rise 20 feet into the air.

Charleston is a city weaved from antiquity and novelty, making it one of the most versatile places to visit for any getaway. If you have not made the most out of your summer vacation yet, head to the beaches of Charleston to enjoy tranquility or venture on new outdoor activities.