Why Do Couples Fight?

Annoyed couple ignoring each other in the kitchen

It’s only common for couples to argue occasionally. But what most people don’t realize is that there are patterns to how couples fight.

A study shows that almost 70% of marriage conflicts never end in resolution. That’s why couples often fight about the same things repeatedly. By understanding the most common reasons behind these conflicts, you can gain a better insight on how to handle your relationship.

Who gets things done

There are many reasons couples, married or not, argue. It can be about the silliest things, such as who’s going to wash the dishes or who gets to decide on the TV show to watch for the night. But these mundane things can sometimes get worse if both parties don’t address the elephant in the room.

Who is more committed

When couples undergo marriage counseling in Broomfield, they often want to talk about their relationship. During these sessions, most couples say that one partner feels more committed in their relationship compared to the other. This brings tension in their relationship, causing them to argue with one another.

This kind of issue is also common among unmarried couples. It happens when one partner feels like they want to move their relationship forward, but the other one is resisting it.

Who wants more

Another reason couples fight can be about sex. This issue is one topic that both parties usually don’t want to bring up because they often feel self-conscious about what’s going on in between the sheets. But the root cause of the problem is simple. It’s either one partner wants less, or the other one wants more. But there are cases when both want the same thing.

Solving the problems

Couple resolving problems

Solving issues takes time. You need to have a new mindset to make the relationship work. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with the relationship and argue about it, it’s best to have discussions. Maintain a high level of respect for one another, especially when perpetual problems arise.

Next, sit down and talk about the most common problems that you argue about and try to look for some patterns. If it’s possible, sit down with your partner and review all the reasons you had to argue for the past few months. Identify if there are any patterns behind your arguments.

Once you’ve identified the patterns, discuss them clearly with your partner. Never judge your partner about the problem that they may have. If it’s about money, then speak with your partner and see if there are some expenses that you can cut back. Doing so will help you save money to pay for their debt.

These are just a few of the things that you need to think about when having problems with your partner. If it’s out of your hands, then it’s best to speak with a marriage counselor about it. Saving your relationship will take a lot of effort. But if you feel like the relationship is worth saving, then do your best to resolve your problems.