Top 5 Countries That Every ‘Foodie’ Should Visit


Food tours are quickly becoming one of the most sought experiences of travelers worldwide. That's because more individuals now want to 'taste' and not simply see a destination, with food being one of the essential aspects in any culture, it's no surprise many people are going hungry for food tours.

Globally, food tour booking from different traveling websites jumped over half of the total bookings last year, showing massive traveler interest. But before going on your food adventure, be sure to visit an experienced gastroenterologist to see which food you can and can't eat for a safer, more delicious, and bathroom-free food journey. 


Here are the five best countries to visit for a food tour to help you pick your next food destination. 



Besides historic landmarks, friendly locals, and beautiful scenery, Italy is well-known for its impeccable dishes. The traditional Italian cuisine colors include red, green, and yellow, always creating a mixture of unique flavors, catering to every traveler's taste buds. Usually, most Italian dishes are tomato-based or use olive oil. 


The secret in their world-class cuisine isn't its sophisticated preparation process but more in the ingredients' freshness. It's hard to talk about Italian food. It's better to enjoy it, so when planning your next food vacation, go to Italy for world-class food, history, and lifetime memories. 



France boasts over 100 Michelin-starred restaurants, earning its title of the world's 'gourmet capital'. All the global food best-sellers originated from France, including baguettes, macaroni, praline, pain au chocolat, Madeleines, and more. Many food tours in the country revolve around exploring combinations of wines and cheeses or feature the best foods in France, including Cassoulet, pot au feu, and Steak Frites. France is the perfect destination if you're looking for versatile food and want to experience world-class services. 



It's not a coincidence that you can find Chinese food everywhere. They have so much diversity in their dishes that travelers are often left in awe, making their food a standard favorite among many people worldwide. Chinese cuisine isn't a food culture that you can quickly summarize, but you can guarantee that you'll want more. 



Indian food is famous for its excessive amount of different spices and flavorful sauce, making India's cuisine one-of-a-kind. India is a massive country that features varied and profoundly rooted food cultures spread across over a billion people. From the fatty meat stews in the Islamic north to the lighter veggie Tamal plates, you can come across in the Hindu southeast, there's something for everyone. 


You can't say you've tried Indian food without going on one of their local food tours revolving around street food. However, if that isn't your thing, you don't have to worry because you won't ever have a bad meal in India, allowing you to enjoy its rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful surroundings. Just be very careful because the spicy food and the assortment of spices can sometimes disagree with a foreigner's stomach.



The Japanese use the same precision to their food as they do with their engineering, making their food unique and 100% delicious. Japan introduced some of the best foods loved by people worldwide, from sushi, sashimi, to unagi, you'll never mistake it. Explore Japan's food culture by arranging tours for lavish multicourse kaiseki meals, or going around and trying their one-of-a-kind convenience store food. 


Food is one reason many people travel, from chasing Michelin-starred dishes to indulging in local cuisines. Nothing beats getting to know a country through its food, allowing you to appreciate its culture one bite at a time.