Home Work: Preserving Your Job and Your Sanity

woman working at home with child

Much has been said about the year 2020, but it is also home to many positive lessons. One of these is the realization that we are capable of adapting to situations to tip the odds into our favor. As much of the world is forced to stay home and experience some pains brought about by this change, people have also found ways to keep things going.

A major component of adult life is having work, and a lot of folks out there are being productive at the comfort of their houses. While this may be a setup that many have dreamed of before, it is not without its quirks. It can be challenging to balance all the things that go on in your private and professional life under one roof. But with the right mindset, you should be able to eventually juggle it all with little effort.

Separation of Work and Home

Handling multiple tasks with decent results is a hallmark of a competent professional. If you combine that with the piled-up chores that you have at home, you will have a difficult time. That is why it is important for you to separate your work and personal tasks. While there may be costs associated with this, there are practical ways for you to pull this off.

The first thing that you have to do is communicate with your family members about your work schedule. Let them know that you cannot be disturbed during this time unless there is a very urgent matter. Momentum is a great contributor to your productivity, and you do not want to consistently stop for trivial stuff especially if you are chasing deadlines. Getting yourself in the zone will have you breezing through your tasks within your shift, and that will allow you to clear your head and be ready to help with the house chores after you clock out from work.

You may not be able to replicate a work environment that fits your preferences, but you should find a way to isolate yourself from the many distractions around your house. Put in the work to move your stuff into an area where you can work in peace. Get in a corner or a vacant room where you will not encounter any obstacles or become one yourself.work from home set up


Most remote workers use computers to get their jobs done. So if you think about comfort, a major piece of that will be ergonomics. You will be sitting for hours and do a lot of repetitive motions on both arms, which does not bode well for your muscles and nerves if you are in an awkward position. Make sure you have a desk and chair where you can perform your work without inflicting unseen damage to your hands and arms.

On the subject of computers, they also need to be “comfortable” for them to run optimally. Controlling the temperature at your office area is key to this. If you leave your system on during hot days, it will shorten the lifespan of its components and also lead to a lot of wasted energy. Keeping your room cool will let you maximize their purpose and also have them chug along efficiently. Winter, though, is the time for you to look after yourself. Escape the biting cold by managing your furnace’s heat output.


Clutter can be a source of distraction and stress whether you are in a home or office setting. That could be detrimental to the general atmosphere. You do not want to be demotivated to work just because you have some debris or random stuff around you. As you do not have the luxury of having a maintenance crew to take care of your station, you have to clean as you go when you are in work mode. How you take care of your workplace neatness also affects your home greatly, as it is in a shared location. Keeping things in order will give everyone in your household a pleasant time.

These things may seem pedestrian to you, but they allow you to stay focused whether you are at work or doing your assigned chores. Remember that you are at home, and being distracted from work is an easy temptation you can fall deep into. If you don’t manage this properly, you will find yourself looking at unfinished tasks piled up, and this could be enough to lose your mind over. It is important for you to always be on top of things so you can keep providing for your family while you keep your sanity intact.