Clarke Quay: Things to Do in This Historic Riverside Quay in Singapore

Quay at night

Offering a nice alternative to Singapore’s packed tourist spots, Clarke Quay has its unique flavours that surely won’t disappoint. It possesses the right mixture of history, fun activities and a bustling nightlife.

Use this guide to help you plan out a day full of activities in this historical riverside quay.

Go on a boat cruise along the Singapore River

Located in the heart of Clarke Quay is the nation’s pride and glory, the Singapore River.

The river has a historical riverside that is home to some of Singapore’s best nightlife spots and dining options.

But why enjoy the river from a distance when you can book a river cruise? Take a boat tour and enjoy the sights and sounds of Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Marina Bay aboard a cosy vessel.

Take on a thrilling ride at the G-Max Reverse Bungy

For daredevils out there seeking their dose of adrenaline, go on a ride at the G-Max Reverse Bungy ride located at the River Valley Road.

The GX-5 falls from 50 metres and reaches speeds of over 120 kilometres per hour, somersaulting up to 8 metres in the air.

While you are dangling hundreds of feet up in the air, try to open your eyes and see the breath-taking views of the quay.

Get a healthy dose of history

The Quay has been one of Singapore’s commercial hubs, having served as a primary trading spot in the 19th century.

It’s also been home to some of the country’s treasured pieces of history. Go out and visit these historical wonders.

Old Hill Street Police Station – The building has a very colourful facade that is sure to pique your interest. But don’t let these rainbow colours distract you from the fact that the building was one of the country’s first prisons. The Old Hill Street Police Station has stolen curious eyes since the day it was completed in 1934. At night, the building is a sheer temptation to the eyes. Even the most inattentive visitors get carried away by the scene-stopping shimmer of the colourful facade.

Asian Civilisations Museum – Everybody knows that Singapore is a melting pot of Asian cultures. The Asian Civilisations Museum is where important pieces of the country’s diverse culture are gathered. There are many galleries that you can walk through here. The statue of Ganesha, a well-known deity in Hinduism, can be seen inside.

Go on an exciting food crawl

Tourist Walking On The Way For Sightseeing In Singapore City

After a long day of walking, enjoy a delightful night out while indulging on local flavours. Clarke Quay is also a buzzing destination for foodies.

Check out the River Valley Road, located just metres from the riverside. Its strip of restaurants offers global flavours like Italian, Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese cuisines.

A few meters from the River Valley Road is Eu Tong Sen Street, well-known for its restaurants and fast-food chains.

If you’re looking for a quick burger fix, drop by Burger + and indulge in their Korean-infused burger flavours.

You too can add these stops to your next Singapore holiday. With the perfect mix of history and fun activities, you and your family will surely have a great time in Clarke Quay.