Businesses You Can Do At Home

Working the 9-5 in an office may be the norm, but not all of us are cut out for that type of job. Some jobs don’t require you to clock in, where you don’t have to get stuck in a cubicle for hours on end and still be able to sustain a lucrative business in the comfort of your own home (or out on the field, too!).

You don’t have to immediately quit your job, either. It’s smarter to start by taking an alternative freelance job with freedom when it comes to scheduling. Ideally, one that’s home-based, as it will allow you to work two jobs. And eventually, when you’ve built up enough credit and customer pool, you can do the home-based or free schedule job full time.

If you’re thinking of starting a job or a business you can do at home, here are some suggestions.

Professional Photography

Everyone likes taking pictures, but to take good pictures, you need skill and talent. That’s why if you’re one of those who can turn regular selfies into a work of art, then maybe taking photos professionally might be the thing for you. Of course, this is a job that requires constant output and a portfolio, so you can build that while doing your full-time work.

Jewelry Making

Throughout history, humanity has always liked jewelry. Whether it be for cultural symbolism or personal sentimentality, pieces of jewelry are always in vogue. If you can make your own, you can start your own online shop selling custom-made jewelry. It’s a trendy business format and is definitely worth looking into, especially if you’re into jewelry.

Graphic Artist

graphic artist

If you have a creative mind and the artistic skill sets to go with it, trying your hand at being a graphic artist is a good idea. There are many commission jobs that you can get, so you won’t run out of jobs to do. If working for other people isn’t your thing, you can start your own graphic novel or webtoon, make your own art and sell it online, or utilize a pay-what-you-want (PWYW) platform to sell your works.


Blogging remains one of the most popular platforms online. It’s relatively easy to consume and even easier to get into. If you have a topic you’re particularly passionate about, that can be translated into a blog. With enough consistency and networking, you can turn blogging into a profitable platform for you to do it full time.


If you are a skilled worker and know your way around utilities and house repair, you can definitely open up a handyperson business. As a handy person, you’re expected to do a variety of jobs from paint jobs to carpentry, but don’t be afraid because there isn’t anything much you can’t learn from the Internet anymore these days. Build a pool of customers from your neighborhood and nearby as you start small, then maybe you can eventually put up a business and start hiring others to do the work.

Professional Home Cleaning


Being a neat freak can work for you in this line of work, as there is an ever-present market of homeowners and renters who hire cleaning services. Your investment boils down to your cleaning supplies and equipment. You can set up an Instagram or any social media account to advertise your works, as is the trend these days, and you can also establish a client pool by word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Auto Repair Shop

If you are a licensed mechanic who’s been working at an auto shop for quite a while now, it may be a good venture to put up your own garage business. You can start small and take in one car at a time in your own garage. With the right machinery and equipment like a car lift, air compressor, and engine hoist, what’s next to do is get the word out for your business to get moving.

Motorcycle Repairs

If you have a love for motorcycles and the biker culture, if you have one or several motorcycles and have accumulated repair tools and equipment, and if you have a garage to do all your handiwork, you should highly consider opening a motorcycle repair shop. This is a good way to fund your hobby, and it’s also a good contribution to your biking community, as you’ll be providing them a service.

Of course, deciding to do a home-based business or freelance job can be quite difficult. But with constant research, hard work, and grit, it can be viable enough of a job to live off of. The important thing here is that you’re consistent enough in doing it.