The Common Diseases Associated with Pest Infestation

Pest bed bug close up

People spend thousands buying or building the best-looking commercial or residential property. After the property is registered in their name, only a few bother to keep it in good shape or invest in various elements that will avert its deterioration.

One of the factors most people overlook is pest infestation. Property owners assume that investing in pest prevention measures is a waste of time, particularly when they have used construction materials that have been touted as pest-resistant.

Routine termite inspections Salt Lake City experts offer are essential for properties even if there are no signs of infestation or a reported outbreak. Overlooking these inspections might not only lead to the eventual collapse or condemning of your structure, but also become the cause of repeat infections.

The following are the common health issues related to pest infestation even in seemingly negligible levels:

Allergy Flare-Ups

Your building’s occupants (and guests) could be suffering from allergies they might not be aware of. Asthma and skin allergies are the most common ones. The dropping of pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and rodents might cause allergic reactions manifested as asthma and skin conditions. Bee and wasp stings can also result in adverse reactions to susceptible individuals, particularly those with respiratory issues. Severe reactions have also been reported after the use of store-bought pesticides to control an infestation.

Food Poisoning

Covering your food is only half the battle in averting food poisoning. Pests can also contaminate your food preparation containers and cause food poisoning. The common vectors for pathogens that contaminate food are rats, mice, cockroaches, and flies.

Some of the common conditions associated with food contamination include dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonellosis. These are manifested as dehydration, abdominal pains, a lack of appetite, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. In commercial food establishments, being associated with food poisoning is the fastest way to lose clients.

Mental Health Conditions

Woman cannot sleep

Mosquitoes and bed bugs affect the quality of your sleep and will affect your productivity during the day. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to various mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, and depression. With cockroaches and rodents in your property, guests would definitely steer clear. With no one visiting you, the resulting loneliness could affect your mental health.


This is a condition spread by rodents through water, soil, and food contamination. Leptospirosis is hard to detect in its initial stages, as it usually has no symptoms and can be confused for flu. Left untreated, the virus will attack your internal body organs. It has also been linked to liver and kidney failure and meningitis. These are not only fatal, but will take weeks and various expensive medications to treat efficiently.

Many people would not see the need for an exterminator, especially when there is no apparent destruction to their property. As some of the pests associated with the above conditions are hard to detect, routine inspections are crucial. If there are pests detected during the inspection, professional extermination techniques are the only guarantee to get rid of them.