The Best Upgrades to Improve Your Professional Appearance

smiling business man

In the corporate world, the way you present yourself significantly affects people’s perspectives and treatment of you. Although physical appearance is definitely not the only important aspect of your being that other people should consider, it’s the first thing they see and is often the first basis they use to judge you as a person. However, first judgments are not inherently malicious (not usually, at least). As humans, we are hardwired to form an opinion about somebody based on their physical appearance.

That said, people can form an opinion about you in the first five seconds based on your appearance alone. And if you want to boost your image in the corporate world, here are several major upgrades that you can do on yourself:

Tooth whitening

When we greet people, the first thing we do is smile even before words escape our mouths. A smile is often instinctual because we are naturally inclined to want other people to have a good impression of us, which is especially true in the corporate world where creating and maintaining good professional relationships is crucial.

But if you’re not confident with your smile due to your discolored teeth, making a good impression can be difficult (and a closed-mouth smile just doesn’t cut it). Luckily, tooth-whitening treatment can lighten your teeth effectively and in a short amount of time. Moreover, there are a lot of options that you can choose from, including dentist treatments and over-the-counter whitening products.

Wardrobe overhaul

Do you wear the same five shirts to work each week? Are your shoes already overdue for a shine or perhaps replacement? Do you often feel poorly dressed when comparing yourself to your co-workers? The way you dress is another crucial aspect of one’s professional appearance. Regardless of the situation, your clothes speak volumes, and it’s often one of the two things that people notice when they first see you (the other one being your face, of course).

well dressed man

If you feel that you do not impress anyone with your current wardrobe, it might be time to do a major overhaul. Get rid of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are no longer in style or are already past their prime. Then, find replacements that are stylish enough to impress and comfortable enough to ensure that you can last the entire workday in your attire. They don’t have to be expensive, but it’s best to invest in clothes, shoes, and accessories that can last for a long time.

New hairstyle

You might not be comfortable making drastic changes to your hairstyle, but it might be necessary to upgrade your professional look tenfold. So if you still have framed bangs or a side-swept fringe, you might want to consider changing your hairstyle into something more professional-looking.

Consult with a hairstylist on what kind of professional hairstyle would fit your appearance the best. Consider the effort it would take to maintain the hairstyle and the frequency with which you have to get a haircut and how long it would take to style your hair in the mornings.

Non-invasive skin procedures

Working in a fast-paced environment is often stressful, so much so that the effects of which can show up on your face through blemishes, dark under-eye rings, and premature wrinkles. Although these skin conditions can be covered up by make-up, it’s much easier (and less time-consuming) to tackle the problem at the root.

Go to a reputable dermatologist and see what kind of non-invasive treatments you can get to revitalize your skin. They can recommend procedures such as chemical peels, microneedling, hyaluronic acid fillers, and laser therapy, among many others. These procedures require no surgery but are generally non-permanent. Nevertheless, the results can last longer and keep you looking refreshed for months. As a result, you will appear more energized, focused, and revitalized at work as opposed to the tiredness that you might have exuded before.

Work things

What do your work belongings say about you? Yes, in the corporate world, your stuff matters, too.

Nice, metallic pens are way more professional than plastic ballpoint pens, just like how leather-bound notebooks are better than regular lined notepads. Pay attention to the stuff you bring to work as they can also play a role in how people perceive you. If you want to look more professional, opt for more professional-looking work stuff, be it office supplies or personal belongings.

You can’t play the part if you don’t look the part. So if you want to be a more impactful person in the office, use these strategies to create a more professional image for yourself, making a good impression on the people around you from your appearance alone.