Simple Design Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Be Poppin’

People often give up at the thought of designing a small bathroom. Bathroom remodeling, after all, takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. Kansas City experts, however, not that if it is done in a smaller space, then it’s double the work needed.

However, this is where small space may bring out some clever designs that you may never even have thought of. There will be a lot of sacrifices made when it comes to dealing with space in a smaller bathroom, but it does give away a huge advantage as well.

Smaller spaces and squares will cost you lesser, would be much quicker to clean and would take lesser time in decorating. Each element in a bathroom design should not only feel comfortable and welcoming but must also be functional.

Here are a few design ideas to make the most of the space of your small bathroom:

1. Create the illusion of adding more storage.

One good and helpful bathroom design trick is choosing to stack your colorful towels at an open space — showcase them in a presentable and fashionable way instead of choosing to store them away on shelves or cabinets. You may use a storage ladder to place the towels and stack them beautifully. Adding sink skirts give off a classy look — and is a creative way to put away and hide cleaning materials and other bathroom products.

2. Add purposeful design elements.

A smaller space could mean there is more possibility of clutter, so it is important that you only add in design features that would be functional in your bathroom — make sure it is useful and fashionable at the same time. Do not add other unnecessary features that could cause an unwanted mess.

Under sinks, you could choose to install hampers and adding other floating shelves or baskets under your cabinet to maximize your space storage. To avoid the unnecessary clutter, try putting your personal bathroom items inside a cabinet to make sure the counter or the sink area remains clean at all times.

3. Choose your color palette wisely.

In every design, and this applies to whichever part of your house, you choose to renovate, choosing the perfect combination of the color palette is very important but may be difficult.

You would need to think of contrasting colors that would work and make your bathroom avoid looking like a fast food restaurant’s public restroom. A bathroom is usually a place of calmness — if people feel a bit down, they sometimes retreat to the bathroom to relax.

So, it would be safe for you to choose neutral colors to make your bathroom exude that calmness and aesthetic elegance. You can also dabble on the different textures and patterns in your bathroom in highlighted neutral colors to add more life to it.

4. Experiment by adding small windows.

bathroom sink in wood finish

To make your bathroom feel more open and spacious, try experimenting with windows in your bathroom. It is said that natural light could make the difference in making a room more spacious.

Of course, you could always be creative with your choice of windows. An attic bathroom window could have lesser space on the ceiling, but the design itself — the slanted window makes a more inviting and open atmosphere in the rather small room.

Most people think of small bathrooms as an overall cramped mess, but if you know how to utilize space, no matter how small, then it could result in a good outcome!