Easy Clothing Hacks for People Who Sweat Excessively

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis could impact your entire body or certain parts of your body, with the armpits, scalp, face, soles of the feet, and palms of the hand being the most usually affected. An easy and practical way to help you better cope with embarrassing sweat attacks, whether you’re getting medical treatment in your local dermatology clinic in Salem or not, is by making smarter clothing choices.

Here are some clothing tips to consider to help you reduce those disturbing sweat marks.

Layering is Your Best Friend

To avoid getting too cold or too hot once you being sweating, wear a couple of clothing layers that are easy to take on and off. This will help your body cool down faster when you really need to stop sweating. Begin with a lightweight tank top, a blouse over it, and either a blazer or cardigan. If it’s cold, throw in a scarf. When you begin sweating, simply take off a layer or two until your sweating is in check.

Opt for Breathable, Loose-Fit, and Lightweight Clothing Items

Buy clothes made of breathable and lightweight fabrics and stay away from thick fabrics whenever possible. But be very careful of your fabric choices because not all lightweight and loose fabrics, satin for instance, are forgiving on sweat stains. Opt for cotton fabrics and loose clothes that allow for ample ventilation. Conversely, tight-fit, moisture-wicking, synthetic clothing items such as those used for many workout clothes could likewise be great choices, depending on your comfort and style preferences.

Don’t Be Afraid of Wearing Patterns and Colors

patterned top

Sweat stains on a black top will be easier to conceal than on a top in bright green or orange. But black can make you sweat more if it’s hot so you need to smart about the timing. White clothing won’t really change color when wet so they’re easier to work with. You can likewise take advantage of patterns to distract people’s attention from sweaty areas. You just have to experiment on which patterns will work best for you.

Hide The Tracks

If you’re tired of always finding visible sweat stains on your clothes and are concerned that they will attract everyone’s attention, always keep an extra item of clothing with you as a cover-up. You can use this handy piece of clothing for covering your armpit and groin areas.

Bring Backups Just In Case

If you know that you will be moving around and in turn sweating for the rest of the day that you’re out and about, bring an extra top with you. Similarly, if you’re in a conference or somewhere where you’ll be having different events throughout the day, always bring extra clothing for wardrobe changes in between events.

So if you are at that point where you’re always on edge wondering when sweat marks will suddenly appear, try the above-mentioned wardrobe hacks to your daily life. Even if you have got your excessive sweating mostly in check due to professional treatment, these smart wardrobe choices could help you manage those sweat stains more easily.