Design and Build: The Fundamentals of Greenhouse Planning

Woman planting in greenhouse

There are a lot of reasons you ought to build a greenhouse. For one, it allows you to grow plants more effectively and efficiently, especially if you have seedlings that need special attention. You can even repurpose your greenhouse into something much more aesthetically pleasing—you can turn it into a pool enclosure or a sunroom. The greenhouse may also become some sort of an investment, as added features actually increase a property’s resale value. But before you get a hold of all these benefits, you will need to make sure that the greenhouse you are building will actually be beautiful and functional.

To make that happen, you need to plan things carefully. Some homeowners will just go directly to builders without thinking things through. There are many specs and factors you need to take into consideration when building a greenhouse. Just forgetting one of them may result in costly mistakes; it may even compromise the condition of your yard and the property in general. So if you are looking to build a greenhouse without having to stress yourself, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

The Yard

Evidently, your greenhouse needs space. And your yard is obviously the location of your structure unless you have a bigger place where your greenhouse can stand on its own. The size of the greenhouse heavily depends on the size of your yard; you are not expected to cover all of your yard; you will still need to leave out some space for your outdoor activities. Other than the size of your yard, the orientation and location of your greenhouse are important. You are supposed to find the spot where you can easily maximize the heat and light of the sun. Also, you must make sure that your greenhouse is close to sources of water and electricity.

The Specs

The features of your greenhouse should be well thought of so that it will easily respond to the needs of your plants. The right specifications will also make sure that your greenhouse will become a comfortable place to stay in. First off, you will have to take care of the frame. The accessories for planting, such as benches, racks, and sprinklers should be taken into account. The heating and cooling systems should also be considered. If you are looking for classy features, it would help if you work with a reliable builder of custom luxury greenhouses.

The Structure Type

Hydroponics method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil

Basically, there are two structure types you can choose from. There are freestanding greenhouses, which you can build from the ground up in your yard. But if you are looking to maximize the external walls of your home, you may just attach some frames to the walls and build the greenhouse around this structure. That way, your greenhouse will serve as an extension of your home.

A greenhouse may seem like a simple structure that keeps plants and flowers. But it is definitely more than that. Many homeowners think greenhouses as some sort of investment, especially if its purpose is designed for the long term. It even has a lot of uses; you can repurpose it into a patio enclosure or a swimming room. To build the best greenhouse, only work with those who have the expertise.