An Adult’s Practical Guide to Embracing Minimalism at Home

a minimalistic home set up

For many art students, minimalism is a movement. It is a way of conveying a message through the minimal use of art elements. But this has evolved into a philosophy that can be applied to one’s personal lifestyle.

Many modern-day urbanites have considered minimalism as a practice of focusing on the things that matter. If you’re an adult struggling to identify how to live life with simplicity, starting with the philosophy of minimalism may help. And you may start at your home. You may end up not just having a cleaner home but also a mind free of clutter.

Below are some things you may want to keep in mind:

Remove what you do not want anymore

When you are doing spring-cleaning for your home, you sort things into those you do not need or want. And shifting to a minimalist lifestyle is very much like spring-cleaning. Go through your stuff and ask whether each of them is still needed. Have you been using them? What will be the impact of their absence? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself sincerely. When you think that you are better off without them, get rid of them. But don’t just throw them away; you still have the option to give them away or sell them.

Be mindful of your spending

A new minimalist lifestyle may also reshape your thoughts on spending. At this point, you can appreciate the value of spending intentionally — or the art of spending on the things you need. Ask yourself if you really five pairs of shoes every two months. Are the items on sale essential purchases? Are those new rain gutters necessary for your home, and should you get them? With these mindful considerations, you are actually keeping yourself from hoarding things.

a minimalistic house façade

Revisit your beliefs

When you transition into minimalism, you start to become more reflective about your life and other things. It may make you think of the bigger picture. Do you want to make a flexible career? Do you want to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing every day? When you list your short-term and long-term goals, you are bound to notice the number or amount of things that will be involved. And when you become conscious about it, you may be able to decide which of these things you can let go of easily.

Always take time to reflect

No one forces minimalism on you, and if you think it is doing you more harm than good, then maybe it’s time to stop and reconsider your beliefs. But take a moment to examine if you are actually rushing it — you’re not supposed to. You ought to take baby steps when changing your lifestyle. There’s a transition phase, and expect that you may make mistakes (though these are not something to be guilty about).

But if you’ve gone through the same process and still not happy, it may not be the best for you. Remember that you should focus on your health and happiness.