How Chaotic Work Environments Offer Career Opportunities

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When dealt with a bad hand, everybody’s most natural response would be to go on the defensive, wait for things to play out, and come back into the fray to fix what little can be restored once the dust settles. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s when we immerse ourselves in these chaotic moments, times of distress, and plunge deep into discomfort that creates the best opportunities to propel our abilities forward.

Of course, we understand why most people would hesitate to break out of their shells, especially during such volatile and uncertain times like we are experiencing today, but if you’re serious about upward mobility in your career path, then now might be your chance. And, with the right mix of effort, luck, and impeccable timing, you might be able to squeeze in years worth of waiting and progress by taking that leap of faith today.

Be That One Person Willing To Meet The Gaps

Firstly, one of the best ways to make a chaotic work environment play in your favor is by filling in that unique role of meeting the gaps and shortfalls the firm is currently facing in the new normal. Yes, there’s no denying that you end up dealing with heavier workloads and more significant responsibilities. Still, it offers one of the best chances to place the spotlight on yourself and show your company the immediate contributions you make for the organization’s future.

  • Highlights Your Skills And Competencies: Sometimes, no matter how much effort and work you put into making projects and programs happen, a lot of this effort invested often goes unnoticed when not placed in the right position. However, when you take up the mantle of pioneering solutions and leading change, this will highlight your skills and competencies like never before. And you best believe that your employer will take your merits into account on your following performance review.
  • Excellent Lucky Break For Career Learning: Apart from highlighting your skills and competencies, filling in the gaps and shortfalls doesn’t necessarily have to be for standing in the spotlight but also learning necessary skills you might need in the future. You see, certain things can only be attained during high-pressure and stressful situations, and you won’t always find these moments presented to you on a silver platter.

Assume A Temporary Leadership Role In Your Team

Secondly, if you consider yourself proficient in managing teams and ensuring the smooth flow of cooperation between team players, you could also try assuming a temporary leadership position to fill in the lack of management roles. There’s no telling what uncertain economic circumstances will demand from a company, and depending on the scale of which the industry is affected, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find most business leaders to have their hands full of damage control and business resilience work. And that’s where you come in to lessen the load and bear some of the burdens.

  • Spearhead Critical Project Discussions: Communication is key to success. While some employees can exercise a level of autonomy in their responsibilities, it never hurts to review and go over salient points before pushing forward with a project. For example, even though your team has been assigned a task sectioned off as not an immediate priority, this shouldn’t be an excuse to slack of on the work needed. And that’s your cue to take charge and go above the set expectations.
  • Help Maintain Sound Collaborative Efforts: Chaos and disorder are two of the most dangerous enemies sound collaboration might face in the workplace. While some level of control can be maintained, constant exposure erodes productivity. However, if you can step in and achieve the team’s target goals by working to your strengths and maintaining integrity, then overcoming any work-related issue will be easy.

However, Steer Clear Of Chaos If You’re In A Bad Spot

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Likewise, even though a bit of chaos can help set up career opportunities in your favor, we do not recommend taking risks if you’re in a not-so-good situation yourself. Sure, it might come off as wasteful since you’re letting something life-changing slip through your grasp, but putting in the work to make a change in your career should never come at the expense of your sanity and well-being.

  • Work-Life Balance Takes Priority Over Advancement: At the end of the day, your work shouldn’t define your character, and your career shouldn’t be the sole factor that dictates your life because a balance must take priority over advancement. So, if something more serious in your personal life is stopping you from pushing forward with your career life, such as family problems or a visit for STD testing urgent care, then you should attend to those concerns first.

You Should Make The Most Out Of Chaotic Times

In conclusion, depending on your personal situation, we firmly believe that chaotic times offer some of the best career advancement opportunities. So, before you play passive and look toward more defensive career strategies, please reconsider the opportunity cost of not giving the advice mentioned above at least one chance.