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One-Hook Flapper Rig - Academy Rig

Karl Stevenson is a professional rig builder keen to share his knowledge and experience. He says: “My dad showed me how to build rigs 30 years ago, and I have added small tweaks to them through the years, to suit my style of fishing and to take advantage of better components as they come along. All of my rigs are tried and tested and they won’t fail you.”


The one-hook flapper rig is one of the easiest rigs to tie, and it’s pretty versatile too. It can be used from boat or shore and it forms the basis of rigs for many species.

It doesn’t cast as well as more sophisticated clipped-down rigs, but for closer range it presents baits well and gives good bite detection. It will cast further than the two-hook flapper, and being a simple rig it is less prone to tangles. It’s a favourite with anglers targeting flatfish, and also bass at close range, and it is a good all-round rig for species hunts too.

This version uses a size 1/0 Tsunami Mako pattern, but the hook size of your choice can be substituted.

The Tsunami Mako is a durable pattern that retains its points well. It also has a wide gape and can accommodate bulky baits while leaving the hook point clear.



50lb Memor-X rig body line

25lb Memor-X snood line

2 x 5mm Glo beads

2 x 5mm Storm crimps

1 x 45lb Gemini rolling swivel

1 x 80lb Gemini rolling swivel

1 x Size 1/0 Tsunami Mako hook

1 x Tronixpro 80lb casting snap


Build sequence

Take four feet of 50lb Memor-X rig body line and tie on the 80lb rolling swivel.

Slide on a crimp, a Glo bead, a 45lb rolling swivel, a Glo bead and a crimp.

Crimp the beads and swivel in place about 15 inches below the swivel.

Take 14 inches of Memor-X 25lb snood line and tie on a size 1/0 Tsunami Mako Hook.

Tie the hook snood to the 45lb rolling swivel.

Tie a casting snap to the free end of the rig.

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