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Two-Hook Flattie Rig

Karl Stevenson is a professional rig builder keen to share his knowledge and experience.

Last month we looked at the one-hook flattie rig; this month we double the interest by constructing a two-hook flattie rig. This allows you to use two baits, for more scent attraction and the opportunity to use different baits if you want to. It also gives you the chance of catching two fish at once!

This is a good, basic, boat or shore rig for flattie fishing, and can be used as a template for your own rigs. You can change the number, size or colour of the beads, and decide whether or not you include an attractor spoon as well.

I tie this rig with the bottom hook snood close to the lead link, which keeps the baited hook nice and close to the bottom. The top snood is added on just below the top swivel. This avoids tangles and can present this bait off the bottom.


Building sequence

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01 Take 30 inches of 50lb Memor-X rig body line and tie on the 80lb rolling swivel.

02 Slide on a crimp, a bead and a 45lb rolling swivel, then crimp the bead and swivel in place just below the 80lb swivel.

03 At the other end, slide on a crimp, a bead and a 45lb rolling swivel, then tie on a casting link before crimping the bead and swivel in place just above the knot.

04 Take 24 inches of Memor-X 25lb snood line and tie on a size 4 Tsunami Mako Hook. Repeat to make a second snood.

05 Slide on a spinner blade, six beads and a float stop and push down to the hook. Repeat on the second snood.

06 Tie the hook snoods to the 45lb rolling swivels.


Rig Components

50lb Memor-X rig body line

25lb Memor-X snood line

14 x 5mm beads

2 x small spinner blades

2 x bait/float stops

2 x 5mm Storm crimps

2 x 45lb Gemini rolling swivels

1 x 80lb Gemini rolling swivel

2 x Size 4 Tsunami Mako hooks

1 x Tronixpro 80lb casting snap link


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