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Damion Fryer looks at an innovative hook design from Trapper Tackle

Last year, tens of thousands of people flocked to the Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, for the world's largest sport fishing trade show. The International  Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or iCAST as it's more commonly known, attracts almost 14,000 industry representatives, who descend to see the latest innovations in fishing tackle, accessories and apparel.

The floor space amasses a total of 650,000 square feet, of which a section is dedicated to the iCAST new product showcase. Over 1,000 new tackle products and accessories were entered by more than 240 companies into the 24 sectional best of show categories, all vying to win the iCAST best of show award. 

The new product showcase is judged by buyers and media representatives who judge the products on a series of factors, including workmanship, innovation and practicality. One section that is always up for grabs is Best Terminal Tackle. This award was won by Trapper Tackle, who have designed and patented an innovative hook design. 

On a recent trip to Orlando, where I would spend a lot of time at the water's edge, I was given the opportunity to use a Trapper Hook for the first time. The first thing I noticed about the hooks is that they don't have a traditional round bend, but instead have a square box section on the hook.

Image Two

The Trapper box hook doesn't have the pivot point that traditional hooks have, meaning that once the hook is set, it cannot rotate in the fish's mouth, meaning it is very difficult for the fish to escape. Not only does this hook have the added benefit of superb hook holds, the design also means that your soft plastic lure is also locked into place better, giving you superior bait presentation. These hooks are also equally at home when using livebait, as once the bait is mounted, the square box section will hold the bait in place better than conventional round hooks.

Image Three

The hooks are all made from a hi-carbon steel and have an extremely sharp hook point, making hook penetration easier. There are several hooks in the range, including drop-shot/live-bait/finesse hooks, 30 degree jig hooks and offset wide gape hooks. 

These hooks can be used in both fresh and saltwater, but remember to rinse them in freshwater if you use them in the sea.

Make More Casts.  Land More Fish.

  • Make More Casts
  • Holds live bait, natural and artificial lures better
  • Re-rigging less means more time fishing
  • Improved bait retention means more presentations that trigger strikes

Land More Fish

  • Sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
  • Patented design is difficult for fish to throw
  • Improved hook set and landing 

Image Four

To find out more about this revolutionary hook and see the full range, head over to: https://www.trappertackle.com/. Delivery to the UK is available.

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