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Classic Rig - Two-Hook Muppet Rig

Classic Rig – Two-Hook Muppet Rig

We look back at some classic rigs that still work well today!



In the annals of angling, you’ll also find this rig filed under the names of ‘the killer rig’ and ‘the tandem rig’. This is a two-hook boat rig that can handle two hefty fish at once, but it’s also a good catcher of single fish attracted by the dual lures – even more so if they are fished baited with mackerel fillets.

Used this way it’s a proven catcher of ling, but it will also pick out big cod and pollack, and it has been known to catch big turbot too when fished on the downtide side of wrecks where the odd big flattie lies in ambush.

It’s important to use tackle capable of handling big fish when using this rig, as two double-figure samples of any species take a bit of hauling in.

Rods in the 30lb class are a minimum, and a powerful reel is a must. If you can stretch your budget to a twin-speed reel the lower gear will be a huge help with winching fish to the surface.

This is a very effective rig for ‘hopping’ the lead along the bottom, or just ‘swimming’ the baits by lifting the rod up and down with the lead suspended a few feet off bottom, rather than slowly winding up in the usual soft-lure fashion.

Fishing deeper tends to keep the rig in contact with bigger fish.

Pink muppets were selected for their photographic qualities, but various colours work, including the luminous variety. This rig also gives you the opportunity to try two different colours at the same time!

This rig also works with shads, jellyworms and eels.



5ft of 80 or 100lb clear mono

2 x 5mm beads

1 x size 1/0 crane or rolling swivel

2 x Muppets

2 x strong 4/0 to 8/0 hooks

1 x 3/0 oval split ring


Build Sequence

IMG 6672 muppet tsf june 16
Begin with 60 inches of 80 or 100lb clear mono and tie on an oval split ring.


IMG 6674 muppet guide tsf june 16 2
About 20 inches above the split ring tie in a dropper knot, making the resulting loop five or six inches long. About three feet above this tie in another dropper knot of the same size. Cut both loops close to the line on one side, leaving a 10 or 12in hook snood.


IMG 6675 tsf muppet june 16
Slide a muppet onto a snood, then a 5mm bead and finish with a strong hook – size 4/0 to 8/0 depending on the size of lure or bait that you intend to use. Repeat on the other snood.


IMG 6676 tsf rig guide 16
Finish by tying on a 1/0 swivel on the free end of line.




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