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Weedless rigging Part 2 by Damion Fryer

In a previous blog, I demonstrated on how to go about rigging a soft plastic lure weedless using a hitchhiker. Hitchhikers are great to use when you are using some form of weighted hook, as the weight on the bend of the hook won’t need to pass through the lure. A lot of the time when I am fishing weightless,  I will use a hook without a hitchhiker. I am now going to go through the process of rigging a lure weedless without the use of a hitchhiker.

Image 1

Remember when rigging weedless to use a hook that is large enough for the lure.  As a general rule, you should mount a 4″ fluke, swimbait, grub etc on a size 4/0 hook.

Image 2

The first thing to do is to insert the hook into the front of the lure. Just as the lure gets to the beginning of the bend of the hook, bring the hook point out. Remember that the hook point must come out of the bottom of the lure.

Image 3

Once the hook point has come out of the lure, thread the hook through the lure all the way to the eye.

Image 4

You should end up with the lure sitting in this position.

Image 5

Now rotate the hook and place it against the body of the lure. By doing this, you can see where to insert the hook into the lure and also where to bring the hook out. You can mark these positions with a pen if you wish.

Image 6

Insert the hook into the lure and bring it out of the top. You should end up with something like this.

Image 7 2

It is then just a case of pulling the hook down to the top of the lure and just popping the hook point into the top of the lure, making it weedless.

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