Thursday, 19 May 2011 13:00

Fish For Heroes

Fish for Heroes is a fundraising sea fishing match being organised by anglers Chris Wareing, Jason Rowe and Ian Houlton – owner of Moonfleet Angling.

Chris, Jason and Ian are organising the match to be held at Arnside, in Cumbria, on November 12th to raise funds for Help for Heroes. The armed forces have stepped in to help too, by creating some very special fishing tackle. To help raise funds, Ian asked the RAF to fly out a Tubertini Boomerang rod to Afghanistan, where the case was signed by all manner of troops and airmen, from Apache chopper pilots to brigadiers.

Ian Houlton told us: “We have had one of each model from the Pathfinder range of rods built entirely in Help for Heroes colours. These will be raffled off on the Internet at www.fishforheroes.co.uk. From this point on every Pathfinder rod sold will see all profits go directly to Help for Heroes.

“The Pathfinder range of rods is my own product and my way of helping a charity that is very special to me for personal reasons.

Fish for Heroes is a joint fundraising venture, with many anglers from all over the UK currently raising personal sponsorship to be involved in this very special fundraising event. The Tubertini Boomerang is one of two rods that have been autographed by our real heroes serving in the forces, the second being a Seika Shoreline plugging rod that will be won by a lucky TSF reader later this year, following testing in Cornwall.

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