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Total Sea Fishing October 2017

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Alien Invasion 

Alien Vision tsf october17

Craig Pope shows how using your 'spidey sense' can find you some great bait

"Each year in early summer, the southwest of the UK is invaded by millions of spider crabs as they come to the shallows to peel en masse. These big, long-legged beasties are the bane of my shore anglers; scoffing bait, getting tangled in lines, and even shearing hook snoods off with their sharp pincers."




First Day Afloat

First day afloat tsf october17

Wendy Pullen describes her first ever boat trip while husband Shane gets busy with the camera to record it. 

"Since I returned to fishing late in 2016, Shane and I have fished many marks around the Kent and Essex coast, taking in along the way Herne Bay, Hythe, Dengemarsh and Sandwich on the Kent coast, and Clacton (beech and pier), and St Osyths on the Essex coast!


Flexible Rock Fishing

Flexible Rock Fishing tsf october17

Steve Neely gives advice on how to make the best of a day out with your lure rod - being open-minded is key! 

"As a fanatical lure angler, summer is one of my favourite seasons, especially being able to hit the rocks with no particular species in mind and tap into whatever rod-bending sport is on offer! For magazine features, I will usually be targeting something specific or with a particular objective in mind, but it is nice to just and scramble from rock to rock in search of the next hit!


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