The new range of Greys sea rods are outstanding.

Light but strong thanks to Toreon Nano Carbon technology, they are also well fitted out with top-class guides and reel fittings.

This 9ft 8in uptide rod is rated at 6-10oz, yet it’s light enough to hold all day. Seriously impressive. If your old uptider is showing its age, take a look at this one.

Contact T: 01665 602771


RRP £129.99


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The GR75S shares the Toreon nano carbon construction with the top range GR100S, making for a slim rod that’s light in the hand.

Well furnished with Fuji BNOG guides and a Fuji reel seat this is an exceptional rod at the price point.

The guides are generously sized too, which should reduce knot rattle! Attractively finished in dark blue this is a very nice rod indeed in the popular dual 20-30lb rating.

Length: 7ft 9in | Rating: 20-30lb

RRP: £79.99


The GR100S is the new flagship boat rod from Greys and it really looks the business. Rated at 30lb the rod is surprisingly light due to its Toreon nano carbon construction.

With Fuji rings and a Fuji reel seat there’s nothing stinted on the make-up of this rod, which features a long tip and short butt to maximise performance.

The tip is sensitive enough to provide great bite detection, but this is a powerful rod that will handle pretty much anything that comes along, a fighting foregrip allowing you to pile on the pressure.

Length: 7ft 9in | Rating: 30lb

RRP: £129.99



Roger Mortimore took Greys’ new TXS 126 rod to Norfolk to hunt smoothhounds, on a successful session where he became the ‘Centaur’ of attention!

Having been impressed with Greys’ GRX-S surf rod I’d tested a few weeks before, I was keen to find out how the Centaur TXS performed. There are three versions of the Centaur, all slightly shorter than the GRX. The two beach rods are 12ft 6in and 12ft 3in long and there’s a 12ft 6in bass rod to complete the range. Both beachcasters are designed to cast weights of 4oz to 6oz and are available in fixed-spool and multiplier versions.

I was heading for a shallow beach in Norfolk to target smoothhounds and felt that the longer 12ft 6in rod would be the better choice because I’d need to be able to put baits beyond a sand bar about 100 metres out. As it’s a clean beach made up of sand and shingle, a 6500-sized reel loaded with 15lb mono and 60lb shockleader would do the job.

Like all Greys rods, the finish and fittings are excellent, the high-modulus carbon blank is fitted with Fuji Hardloy guides and the butt is protected with high-quality shrink-wrap and sports a slide-lock reel seat.

It was a dry, blustery day with an offshore wind that helped me blast a single-hook clipped-down rig baited with peeler crab way out over the sand bar. I’d guess that the average cast was landing at around the 150m mark, easily into the deeper water where, hopefully, the hounds were hunting.

Matching my experience with the GRX, the Centaur loaded up very smoothly and easily, sending the rig way out with very little effort. Most of the casts were made with a 150g lead that the rod felt perfectly happy with, but I did use a 170g for a couple of casts when the current was pushing through quite hard. The recovery at the end of the cast was slightly slower with the heavier lead but the rod didn’t feel overloaded at all.

Like the GRX, the Centaur is very user friendly and doesn’t bite back if you get the timing wrong during a cast, which is something we all do at times! It’s light in weight, making it comfortable to hold if that’s how you prefer to fish and feel for bites, and the texture of the shrink wrap on the butt offers good grip even when it’s wet.

The Centaur takes on a nice curve when sat in the rest, you can tighten down to the lead without pulling it out and I would guess that bite detection is very good. I can’t really comment on bite visibility because I never saw one, apart from on the very last cast when I noticed that the line had fallen slack. After cranking in 20 metres of slack line, I caught up with the fish and slowly pumped it towards the shore. The rod’s easy action absorbed the head shaking and brought a lively smoothhound of 5lb to 6lb onto the beach. Okay, it wasn’t the biggest smoothie in the world but it was my target species and it’s always good to score, especially on a rod-testing session so that I can report on how it casts, bite detection and what it feels like when you’re playing a fish.

To sum up, the Centaur was a pleasure to fish with and, at the price, it’s an absolute bargain!

Greys Centaur TXS 126 M
Blank material: Carbon                                   
Overall length: 12ft 6in                                                
Sections: Two, equal                                                               
Rings: Eight, plus tip                                                  
Whipping: Black                                                              
Reel seat: Slide-lock                                                         
RRP: £179

Contact: Hardy & Greys on 01665 602771

When the going gets tough, Roger Mortimore finds the Greys Apollo Extreme 140 is up to the job of blasting your rig through gale-force winds.

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