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On Test - Geoff Anderson Raptor 5

GEOFF ANDERSON RAPTOR 5 - Paul Dennis takes a close look at an eye catching lure fishing jacket.

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for lure style fishing jackets.

For all round angling they do have some drawbacks, but they do have their good points too.

What I like about them is that they are generally shorter in length, the idea being to keep them out of the water when wading, which prevents water wicking up inside the lining and soaking everything from the inside. Not being a six footer I can easily be swamped in standard designed fishing jackets.

They fit well and always, to me, look a bit more stylish than the majority of fishing jackets – you really can wear them to the pub if you want to.

Geoff Anderson are an established brand from Denmark, and they produce some very classy garments.

The Raptor 5 jackets, available in green or yellow, look good and feel like top quality garments.

Rated to be 100% waterproof, they are also good wind stoppers, and are generously cut to allow for free arm movement when casting.

IMG 0030

These jackets are light in weight, but have enough room to allow for layers of clothing to be worn underneath on chilly days. However, these aren’t designed to be winter weight jackets, so don’t expect layers of padding.

Two large front pockets, an inner ‘Napoleon’ pocket (bonus!), and a large back pocket are standard. Functionally designed these jackets really suit mobile anglers.

A nice touch are the half gloves that are built into the sleeves. These feel as if they are made of neoprene and are designed to prevent water running up the inside of the sleeve while keeping hands and wrists warm if fully extended.

IMG 0029

From a design point of view it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into these jackets, an example being that the hood adjustment toggles are unobtrusive, keeping them out of the way of lures, flies and the like. Similarly, if, like me, you have ever suffered from being smacked in the eye by a wind blown hood toggle, you will be aware that keeping them out of the way is a very good idea indeed.

The front closure is protected by a double overfold, with the YKK zip fastener protected by stainless steel studs and Velcro – very secure.

The fitted hood is also noteworthy. Unlike some hoods it isn’t massive, in my opinion it’s just the right size, allowing good vision and protection whilst being snug enough to stay in place without being blown about.

Main 1

I’m very impressed with the quality of this jacket, and with over 35,000 sold it seems that it’s a view shared by quite a few others too. The Yellow version is, I believe, a limited edition and costs a little more than the standard green one, but it is certainly eye catching.

The Geoff Anderson brand has some very interesting clothing in its range, and they all appear to be top line products with prices to match, but you are buying quality, durable items.


Price: around £175.00


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