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Gear focus

We take a look at some of the latest gear in Sea Fishing.

Coleman Fyrestorm PCS           

If you are fed up with stewed tea or coffee that doesn’t stay warm enough in the flask, there are alternatives.

Hot meals or hot drinks on the shoreline become possible with the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS (Personal Cooking System). Drinks are hotter, fresher, and altogether more appealing.

The gas-powered burner is very compact, and benefits from built-in windshields to keep the flame focused and burning, even in a decent breeze.

The stove has a generously sized integrated 1.3 litre pot that fits directly over the flame to give fast boil times. It’s ideal for warming up soup or hot beverages, and can obviously be used with alternative cooking utensils as well.

The pan supports and feet are chrome plated to promote rust resistance, and they fold away neatly making this an ideal system for the backpacker or angler.

It’s one of the few backpack stoves that will work in a 6m/s wind speed, and it works on both Coleman Xtreme and Performance gas (not supplied). The flexible metal hose is plenty long enough to allow the gas canister to be placed out of the way too.

The system packs up very small, and it’s also nice and light. Ideal for those winter sessions where the comforting warmth of a stove, however small, is always welcome.

W: www.coleman.eu

SSP: Coleman Fyrestorm PCS from £51.50

IMG 7839



Coleman Twist 300 Lantern & Two-Way Panel Light

Coleman has been a familiar name on the shore scene for years, right back to the days of liquid fuel or gas-powered lanterns.

For traditionalists, those lighting systems are still available from Coleman, but the firm has moved with the times and introduced a few new ideas along the way.

Here’s a question: have you ever noticed how, when getting a flashlight/torch out of a drawer, there is a lot less battery power than you were expecting? That’s because even when the torch is switched off, the batteries are never fully disconnected, so there is always low level power drain taking place.

Coleman has addressed this with its patent pending BatteryLock system that disengages the batteries, preventing them from draining and prolonging their life.

The Coleman Twist 300 Lantern has the BatteryLock system to reduce power drain on the lithium ion rechargeable batteries, which are recharged via a USB (included). At full power the Twist 300 puts out 300 lumens of light for around five hours from fully charged, but the light intensity can be lowered to give a much longer charge life of up to 75 hours. Light and reliable, this looks a good unit for those who still like the cosy appeal of a lamp when night fishing.

For anglers wanting a more compact lighting option the Two-Way Panel Light boasts an LED torch and a three-bar panel lighting system.

The panel light can be set for one, two, or three bars, giving a maximum of 200 lumens, while the flashlight offers 100 lumens.

Running on three AAA batteries (Duracell – included) the Panel Light has a magnetic clasp, enabling it to be secured to a steel mounting or even fabric. Like the Twist 300 it also has the BatteryLock system to preserve battery life.

It’s a rugged unit too, with tested 12m drop resistance that makes it suitable for angling use.

These look impressive units – don’t forget to use the BatteryLock to get the best out of them!

W: www.coleman.eu

RRP: Coleman Twist 300 from £50

SSP: Coleman Two-Way Panel Light from £20

IMG 7832


Twitching Lure

This lure is definitely revolutionary, featuring, as it does, a flashing LED light and an inbuilt ‘twitch’, the latter thanks to Vibra-Strike technology. The lure flashes, buzzes and vibrates in the water – and all without batteries. The lure is rechargeable through a USB connector (supplied) but it will also work as a standalone lure.

Equipped with Mustad hooks and available in a variety of sizes and colours, it does offer the lure angler another option.

However, all of that inbuilt technology does have a price, and these are certainly not cheap lures. You definitely wouldn’t want to be cracking them off on the cast, or losing them to fish or snags.

The bottom line is will they catch fish?

Well, the basic lure, without all of the buzzers and lights, certainly has enough about it to attract strikes. The question is, how attractive are ‘the extras’? Only time will tell on that.

We all know that there are times when too much ‘action’ can put fish off, so there will always be that question in the back of the angler’s mind. On the plus side, in coloured or very turbulent water, the extra noise might pull a strike or two, so it’s very much a case of horses for courses.

W: www.twitchinglure.co.uk

RRP: £24.95 plus p&p

IMG 7815


Team Vass Casual Soft Shell Jackets – edition 2

Anyone who has attended any sizeable tackle show will undoubtedly have seen the Team Vass Casual Soft Shell jackets on display, and very popular they have been.

These are the second edition, due out in September, and they have been tweaked a little. Many a time I’ve chatted to Chris Vass while he has been manning the stall and asked him about some of the items on display that aren’t available.

“It’s just an idea that I’ve had,” said Chris of one prototype. “It’s been attracting a lot of comments from anglers, and I’m keen to hear what they have to say.”

One request that had been made in respect of the first edition soft shells was to produce one in a khaki shade.

“We had so many requests from carp anglers that we decided the time was right to do one,” explained Chris. “We don’t have our logo down the arm of the khaki jacket because the feedback we had was that a plainer style was preferred.”

The new jackets have been tweaked in a number of other ways, with improved materials and detailing, like the zip pulls and branding on the storm flap. The inside pocket has changed sides too.

“We moved the inside pocket over to the other side to make it easier for us to put a team, club or shop logo on the side opposite to our logo. It makes the jackets customisable.”

In the meantime, if you fancy a first edition jacket, which came in black, blue or grey, limited stocks are still available.

“We know they were popular and anglers do have a choice between the two at the moment,” laughed Chris.

Sizes in both jackets run from small to XXXL.

Vass Casualwear Soft Shell Khaki Edition 2 all layers hi res


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